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New markets: UAE, Austria and Germany


This year, after the successful feedback received during our first contacts, we have reached agreements with some of the most exclusive culinary destinations of Abu Dhabi. Sommeliers at the Fairmont Bab al Bahr Hotel as well as the recently opened Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel have selected our unique wines to upgrade their portfolio. Our wines face a stiff international competition in this premium market - these orders are a sign of faith in our product, its quality and history.


As in previous years, the Argentine Ambassador to the UAE has chosen to offer Alta Bonanza wines to his guests on many occasions - we take great pride in being chosen as one of the distinctive wines that represents Argentina in the UAE.Our partnership with the Alpamanta vineyard is continuing to grow as we are starting a joint marketing-initiative in Austria, which involves a first shipment of Alta Bonanza wines to Austria.


Furthermore, we have shipped red-wine varietals to Germany for the first time in late 2011. A small but steadily growing group of friends and visitors of our vineyard were demanding to have our reds available in Germany. We are happy to provide wines to these individuals that enjoy our amazing wines! We want to continue to build a strong relationship with these first customers and see them as friends and future ambassadors of our brand.


2011 Annual San Juan Wine Tasting Competition


Nearly 500 different wines were submitted to the jury of the 2011 Annual San Juan Wine Tasting Competition. Alta Bonanza de los Andes was awarded with a medal for both of its entries, a Gold Medal for the 2011 Malbec as well as a Silver Medal for the 2011 Torrontés.


We congratulate and thank the entire team working directly in our Finca and behind the scenes to make Alta Bonanza wines what they are. This distinction is a sign that the Alta Bonanza concept and consequent high-tech approach – combined with sustainable, organic wine making is starting to bear fruits and is progressing along the lines of the product that our team has envisioned and strives to reach.

2012 Harvest


As in previous years, we are satisfied with the quality of our harvests and excited to taste the final results! The volume was lower than in previous years, a land slide temporarily cut off our water supply during the hot month of December. Thankfully, this natural show of force had no impact on the quality - and all those who drink and follow Alta Bonanza know that quality is our main concern!We have received our latest order of stainless steel tanks just in time to store the freshly pressed volumes. We now have a wide variety of tank sizes - allowing us to create and experiment with different varietal-combinations, temperatures and volumes, an important part of the scientific wine making process. According to our enologist, Patricio Vilanova, 2012 was again an excellent year for superb wines of Alta Bonanza de los Andes.

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